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In response to the escalating threat of deepfakes, DigitID has introduced the innovative itisaar solution, a testament to the synergy between industry and academia. Drawing on the expertise of skilled minds, this collaborative effort harnesses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and proprietary deep learning techniques. These methodologies, now protected by filed patents, elevate itisaar to the forefront of cutting-edge technology, providing a robust defense against the ever-evolving landscape of digital threats.

Developed with meticulous precision, itisaar seamlessly integrates AI, ML, and deep learning algorithms, ensuring real-time detection and confirmation of manipulated or authentic content. By leveraging specially curated large datasets for training, these algorithms have honed their ability to discern authenticity from deceit. As a result, itisaar emerges as a vital shield, contributing to the preservation of trust and reliability in an era where the digital realm is increasingly susceptible to manipulation and misinformation.

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"itiSaar" is a combination of two words iti and saar.
iti means thus and Saar means reality.
itiSaar checks and unmasks reality of deepfakes.

Types of Accounts

Our platform offers Individual and Enterprise accounts. Individuals enjoy up to 10 uploads per pricing cycle. Enterprise users, with the option to purchase additional uploads, gain the unique ability to allocate credits, controlling uploads per user. Additionally, advanced social media sharing controls empower enterprises to strategically manage content dissemination.



Individual users gain a personalised dashboard for seamless access to uploaded files and results, optimising user experience and file management efficiency.

Each user will have access to 10 uploads (based on the plan they commit to).

Users can upload files, receive authenticity reports, and seamlessly share results on social media, enhancing transparency and information dissemination capabilities.

Come find out what is real and what is fake!



Enterprise users leverage our services in a business context, accessing multiple user accounts aligned with their chosen pricing structure.

Enterprise users can avail of benefits.

Administrators possess the authority to grant access to diverse users within the organization. Each individual user can then leverage our service based on the credits allocated to them, ensuring a tailored and efficient experience.

Come find out what is real and what is fake!



itisaar is available as a service for enterprises and users alike for detecting Deepfakes. itisaar is a state-of-the-art deepfake detection algorithm addressing the deepfake menace that has cast a shadow on our digital society.

itisaar is not just a name; it is a synthesis of advanced technologies, proprietary methods, and a commitment to staying steps ahead in the ever-changing landscape of digital risks of deepfakes. The power of the itisaar service is the innovation and technology.


Innovative techniques


Uniform visibility matrix for image/video


Largest database used for Deepfake detection

System and method for detection and source identification of doctored media on social media platforms

System and method to detect voice doctoring and fake audio

System and method for detecting presentation attacks

System, apparatus and method to detect Deepfakes

Conjunction of transformers and Capsule NN for audio

AI/ML/Deep Learning/Neural Networks techniques

Nurtured at IIT Jodhpur for over Four Years plus and ongoing efforts at DigitID

Trained on several public datasets e.g. CelebDF, Face forensics, DF platter

Trained on a specially crafted and curated internal large audio dataset using GAN, Diffusion and Transformer based TTS

Robust to compression, ethnicity, gender, and resolution


About us

Digital landscape is rapidly evolving and the need to safeguard identities in what can be aptly described as the 'Digital Wild' has become more critical than ever before. The Digital Wild encompasses a vast and complex terrain, filled with both opportunities and threats. This vastness of the digital realm presents unique challenges, where the very tools and technologies that enable connectivity, innovation, and progress can also be leveraged for malicious intent.

At DigitID; we develop algorithms for safeguarding Identities in the Digital Wild. "Safeguarding Identity" encompasses various aspects of identity protection including biometric verification, deepfake detection, and document authentication.

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